BAKR: Bayesian Approximate Kernel Regression

BANNs: Biologically Annotated Neural Networks

gene-ε: Recalibrated Hypothesis Test for SNP-Level Summary Statistics

Grid-LMM: Fast and Flexible Linear Mixed Models for Genetic Association Studies

HEBAE: Hierarchical Empirical Bayes Autoencoder

MAPIT: MAriginal ePIstasis Test

MAPIT-R: MAriginal ePIstasis Test for Regions and SNP-Sets

MegaLMM: Mega-scale Linear Mixed Models for Multivariate Genomic Prediction

RATE: RelATive cEntrality Measures for Variable Prioritization

SECT: The Smooth Euler Characteristic Transform

SINATRA: Pipeline for Sub-Image Analysis and Feature Selection on 3D Shapes

Tropix: Tropical Sufficient Statistics for Persistent Homology